Website Design & Development

web design and development

We utilize the following concepts during website designing:

  • Simple but effective layout and design that leads visitors
  • We use CMS Platform for scalability and easy updates by non technical staff
  • Solutions tailored to individual requirements from personal websites to company sites / portals
  • Websites that can expand as your business grows

Being a Singapore based company, our services extend to Photography and Portfolio building, if your business is located in Singapore.

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Photography Services

Specializing in product, portrait, architecture or interior photography. Our photography/videography services are offered with the goal of building a professional looking online presence.

We also provide 360 Panorama Photography Services. This service is only available in Singapore for now.

We can also create nice attractive galleries or albums of images online, where users can browse, view, download or purchase photographs online. A service targeted to photographers who wish to sell their photos online.

View a Sample Photo Gallery

Web Hosting Packages

website hosting

Web Hosting Solutions

We manage your hardware, your software, your network and your security. If you don’t know what you need, call us. We’ll talk to you any time, day or night.

  1. Managed VPS Hosting – Virtual Private Servers (VPS) give you the flexibility and power of a dedicated server at a fraction of the price.
  2. Managed Hybrid Servers – So, what is a Hybrid Server? Think of it as a very large and powerful VPS account with guaranteed CPU cores, faster I/O performance, and higher memory and disk space allowances.
  3. Managed Dedicated Servers – Dedicated servers are just that: servers that exist to serve you and only you. You can install and run new software whenever you’d like. Dedicated servers are best for those who want the greatest amount of control.