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Ecommerce Website Design and
Web Hosting Specialist in Singapore.

E-Commerce Services, is a Singapore registered company which specializes in web design and development and photography services. We also provide hosting services both locally and overseas depending on your requirements.

Cloud Servers

Managed VPS

Managed Dedicated Servers

Disk Space Unlimited 40 to 150 GB SSD Drives 250 GB SSD Harddisk
Bandwidth (Data Transfer) Unlimited 5000 GB 5 TB Data Transfer
Control Panel Hepsia cPanel Plesk Onyx
Uptime Guarantee 99% 99.99% 100%
Support 24/7 Ticket System 24/7 Phone, Email, Chat 24/7 Phone, Email, Chat
Website Builder Templates, Themes , Scripts Templates, Themes , Scripts
Platform Linux Linux or Windows Linux or Windows
Price From USD 5 Monthly From USD 40 Monthly From USD 165 Monthly

Attractive but Effective Visual Design

We utilize the following concepts during our website design:

  • Simple but effective layout and design that leads visitors to action
  • We use CMS Platform for scalability and easy updates by non technical staff
  • Solutions tailored to individual requirements from personal websites to company sites / portals
  • Websites that can expand as your business grows
  • Cross platform readability enables it to fit on any screen size

Being a Singapore based company, our services extend to Photography and Portfolio building, if your business is located in Singapore.

Web Development Technologies

Effective Website design and development is a teamwork between experienced designers, programmers and web developers. Together we bring together attractive websites that present the information in a dynamic but systematic manner. Now with responsive web design technology, one website will work on desktops, tablets and mobile phones.  Do a quick test by resizing your screen on your desktop to see the change.

Effective visual design is only the beginning consists of

  • Fast loading pages and graphics
  • Consistent layout, colours and fonts
  • Used friendly navigation
  • Systematic Information presentation
  • Search engine-friendly websites
  • Websites that are cross-browser compatibility
  • Mobile devices compatibility with Responsive Web Design

Website Development Enquiry Form

 Our Portfolio

Fill out the Form below to receive a quote.

WebDesign and Development Enquiry Form
Web design and hosting Website Design Package will take care of all the nuts and bolts of building your website and getting it published on the internet. We have packages to suit different levels of demand and requirements.

Services offered in this package can consist of any or all in the list below:

  • Website Design – Done using cutting edge technology on CMS platforms.
  • Web Hosting – Option to host with us at competitive rates with 24/7 support. Beware of  Server Nodes usage for other Web Hosts.
  • Photography – Team of Photographers to build your Online/Offline Portfolio with Photos and Videos.
  • E-Commerce Shopping Site – Creating websites that sell products and accept payment online.
  • Domain Name – Advise for choosing the right Domain Name for your Business. SEO plays a part here.
  • Website Maintenance – Updating existing or adding new pages.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO Services) – Building a website with SEO in mind for the purpose of being ranked highly in major Search Engines.

Listed below are our Standard Packages which cover Web Design and Development together with Hosting Services





Number of SEO Optimised Web Pages
Web Server Space
200 MB
400 MB
1000 MB
Own Domain Name with Email
1 email account
3 email accounts
5 email accounts
First Year
Annual Cost after First Year

Optional Services and their Charges

Website Maintainence
$45 / Hour
Photography Services
$95 / Hour
Video Production
$250 / Hour

Website Package Order Form

To get the ball rolling, fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you.

Website Package Order Form

Singapore Photographer

You can describe a product using a thousand words, but a properly taken photograph is the one that closes the sale. We work with a team of Singapore Photographers, specializing in product, portrait, architecture or interior photography. Our photography and videography services are offered for the purpose of building a professional looking online presence.

360° Panorama Photography

360° Panorama Photography is the process of taking 4 or more photographs of a property and stitching them together. The end result is a virtual feel of the place which gives the viewer a better idea of how the place really looks.  This service is popular among property agents who use this to display both interior and exterior views of the properties they are selling. We also had some hotels requesting to have their rooms and ballrooms promoted in a similar manner.

Photo Gallery

A service targeted to photographers who wish to sell their photos online. We can also create nice attractive password protected galleries or albums of images online, where users can browse, view, download or purchase photographs online. We also offer photo printing services through our partner company. We can print on a wide array of media like canvas, t-shirts, wall paper, mugs, calendars and more..

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