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It is natural to want to save and go for the cheapest, but sometimes doing so, might cost more in the long run. Web hosting industry is one of the areas where you end up losing more! if you make the wrong choice.

Most of our clients are victims of “Cheap Web Hosting” ads and have found out the facts! the hard way. Some of the tricks used are usually:

  • Unlimited space (but with extra charges for nodes or files used)
  • Unlimited data transfer (but extra charges for CPU usage)

End of the month, they are faced with a bill which is usually many times more than what they signed up for. Now it is either pay or have your website shut down.

The last option would be to move to a different host. But this is not as simple as moving house. With house moving, you have all your stuff with you. While moving is troublesome, at least you have your stuff with you.  With web hosting, your files are only on the host. So moving involves backing up the site on your personal computer and transferring them to a new host. If you can do all these, you are actually quite geeky and can survive transferring websites.  If not! pay more for a host which states the charges upfront.