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April 2020
May 13, 2016
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Parties Involved

  • Web design company engaged to develop the website
  • The client or the company the website is about

First Meeting

  • Understanding the client's requirements and budget. Find out the about the purpose of the site and advise on the budget. A site which sells products or membership registrations would cost more than one with just information about the company.
  • Gathering information in the form of photos and text. These can usually be taken from company's brochures or other media. If this is a small business with no printed media, gathering content could a problem.
    Main reason would be that the client in all the excitement of having the first website and an online presence, would be naturally nervous of what information to place on the website.
    It is the job of the web design firm to advise them accordingly.
  • Collection of Deposit is required before any work can be done.

Website Design and Development Process

  • All of our designs are done on CMS (Content Management System) platform. This is where the work is split as the Design Team works on the look and feel of the site while the Development team works on the presentation of information for an online audience.
  • During this stage, the development team works closely with the client on gathering as much information as possible. Delays usually occur at this stage
  • One of the major benefit of using CMS platform would be in the live preview of the website Clients would be given a link where they can view their live site online. Changes are made in real-time.

Completion and Hand Over

  • Once website is designed and modified according to client's requirements, final payment is required before the site is transfected to their domain name.
  • Complimentary CMS Training provided within Singapore Only.

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