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When it first started, web hosting meant strictly hosting and other services like email hosting, domain parking wereperks that came at a price.  Pricing for a barebones host could be as high as USD50 monthly.  As competition grew intense, these services and more were added to attract customers. Now it is common for web hosting companies to offer additional services within the industry to keep clients within their company. Examples of such services are:

1) Domain Name Registration

Most web hosting companies provide Domain Name Registration as this is a critical part of the service. They will also assist in transfering existing domain names over to their servers. One thing to note in the Domain Registration process is the name of the Admin and Technical contact. Admin of the Domain Name should be the customers who is paying for the Domain Name. Technical contact should be the web hosting company. Some hosting firms will list themselves as the Admin and Technical contact of a Domain Name. This is not a problem until the customer decides to change host.

2) One Click Scripts Installer

Most good hosting companies will provide this which can be accedded in the control panel.  If your host provider does not offer access to a Control Panel, please change to one that does. The one click sceipt installer allows users to install scripts with a click. This saves time and is easier for nontechnical users to install scripts which would otherwise require setting up of databases and some technical  knowledge to setup.

3) Web site builder.

Makes the process of designing a website a lot easier for end users. While it may not be as sophisticated as professional websites, it could work for those who just want a simple but informative website with some photos, text and a contact form.

4) SSL Certificates

Some web hosting companies interate these services by allowing customers to purchase and assist them in installing SSL certificates on their servers. SSL certificates are a must if you are sellin products and collectin payment information online. It is also essential if you have online forms which collect user information.

5)   Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

This is a good example of value added service most web hosting providers now offer as part of their package, to retain customers. This is usually provided by a in-house team of SEO specialists who analyse your site and provide advise on optimising it for better SERPS.