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You suddenly have the desire to bring your online whatever the reason might be. Maybe you saw the success of your neighbor who marketed his invention on his own website, or your mother-in-law selling pastries by the truck loads after going online. Whatever it is, when you do decide to go online, you have the world in an oyster.

Not so easy because it is entering into another dimension so to speak. While it is true your customer base has increased by leaps and bounds the moment you go online…so have your competitors. Your success now depends on how you Stand Out! from your competitors. So the first thing needed would be to research your online competition and stand out like a Pretty Thumb.

Next would be to find a company who can create websites. With all the online tools available, a layman might be able to pull this off and have a functioning website in no time. Congratulations! You have a functioning website but No increase in business.


Because you cannot be found online.

Anyone who needs anything at anytime online! uses Search Engines. In the offline past, we used Yellow Pages. Not every business was listed in Yellow Pages…Only those who paid were.

To be continued!