DIVI Theme Builder for WordPress

History of WordPress


WordPress started out and become recognised as a popular platform for blogging. With the introduction of themes and page builders, it went on to become one of the most goto softwares to create websites. Main reason for its popularity is because of the ease of use. A more detailed WordPress review.


Designing a website on wordpress requires the use of a theme. There are many which can be purchased online. Themes provide a fixed layout while allowing one to change the images and content which build up the pages for your website.


Introducing The DIVI Theme Builder


The DIVI Theme Builder allows one to design their own website layout from scratch. You do not have to be stuck with fixed layouts from single themes. It also comes with a selection of pre-designed themes.

Designing a website using DIVI Page Builder is easy once you have got hold of the basics. There is a slight learning curve to it. Watch the video tutorial and you will be on your way designing websites in no time.