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April 2020
December 15, 2018
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Domain Name Registration

Choosing the right domain name is a crucial step in domain name registration as it plays an important factor in how your website ranks in online searches. You can either use your business name or your products/services in your domain name.

Let's look at the following example

  • (business name)
  • (product name)

Looking at the above example, if your business name is established, then it would make sense to use it as your domain name. If not, it would be better to use either your products or services as the domain name. This is because when someone searches for your products and services, your website would come up first.

Domain Name Checker

There are literally millions of websites around the globe and each has its own unique domain name. No two websites can share a doman name. So don't be surprised when the best and most relevant are already taken. The Domain Name Checker will check the internet to see if your chosen domain name is  available. If not, just make some changes to the name and check again. In some cases, changing the top level domain could help.

Domain Names for Sale

This is a market place for domain names. A place where one can buy or sell domain names. If a domain name you really want is taken, you could search for something similar here. If the price is right, you get a good domain name for your business. Remember that having a domain name relevant to your business can help boost your search engine ranking.

Domain Hosting Services

Cheap web hosting services with domain name registration services all in one place. You can also personalize your domain name with different Top Level Domains. We provide Domain Name Info protection as an option if required.

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