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E-Commerce Website Design

Good website design equates to simple layout, good presentation and easy navigation. With years of experience, our team is able to design a website which presents information methodically and in a way which guides the visitor. We also utilize good SEO practices during the process to ensure a prominent online presence. Adding ecommerce functionality involves using a shopping cart to calculate product totals and connecting to an online payment gateway system.

Our web development company uses a system which allows features to be added as required. This means we can start from a basic web page and add features as needed.

Website Development Platforms

Ecommerce website design & development would be done using Content Management System (CMS Platform). Below are some of the advantages of using such a platform when compared to traditional web pages.

  1. Design is separate from content. As a result, end users can easily update content without destroying the design. No need to engage web designers to do future updates.
  2. Websites that are optimised to be viewed on your hand phone (mobile ready websites).
  3. Search Engine Friendly as most CMS platforms have the ability to adjust these parameters.

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Web Content Presentation

Our clients are our partners. Our clients are experienced in their respective fields. Our job is to present their experience online, through our website design and development expertise.

The way information is structured and presented online is totally different from offline methods like a book or catalogue. Getting this wrong can end up with lots of confused visitors who would not spend time on your website. Lots of visitors leaving, sends a negative signal to search engines that your site has no useful or relevant content.

Web Development Process

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