Good Website Design with SEO in mind

This is the follow up to the first part,  "What are the components involved in bringing your business online?" First part is to get a company to design a nice, good looking website. Bust designing such a site without SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in mind will result in a website that only you and your [...]

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Which country should I get a web host in?

Natural instinct would be to get a host in the country you reside. But what if your customers are mostly overseas?  Obviously! being hosted in a country with better internet connections and infrastructure would make more sense. Now let's discuss which country has the best internet resources and connection! That makes the most sense hosting [...]

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CMS Website Design and Development – The Process

Parties Involved Web design company engaged to develop the website The client or the company the website is about First Meeting Understanding the client's requirements and budget. Find out the about the purpose of the site and advise on the budget. A site which sells products or membership registrations would cost more than one with [...]

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Photographer Tools – Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO

A good photograph is a piece of art by the artist who is a photographer. Every artistic photographer has three paint brusher to work with. Knowing how and when to use these three main brushes is the key to taking artistic photographs. This is something every professional photographer should have at his finger tips. Aperture [...]

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Choosing the right web hosting service

Understanding what kind of hosting plans are available, as well as their  limitations, is a must. Continue reading below to learn about the most common types of plans offered by web hosts, or see our detailed guide to web hosting for an in-depth look. The majority of web hosting plans can be categorized into five [...]

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