We have a group of Real Estate Photographers who have been many years in this business, and now have moved onto offering 360º Panoramic  Photography services. The problem with photography be it a property or a room in a hotel, it may look totally different after a professional photographer is done editing the image. While this is great for new properties being featured in magazines or catalogues, it may not be that good in the property business as the photo could be misleading.

360º Panoramic is one of the growing ways people are using to promote their properties (both interior and exterior). While this form can only be used online, benefit of using it would be the virtual presentation of any place or space. It gives the viewer a truer representation of the whole place and its surrounding.

Both forms of photography have their niche applications. Photography is good if the final display would be in print on magazines or catalogues. While it still can be used online, displaying a 360º surround image of your place would give the viewer a feel of actually being there.

With current advancements in web browsing technology, it is now possible to display such virtual images in any browser, without the need of downloading additional viewers or software.