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We work with a team of Photographers in Singapore who are trained in Studio Shooting of Portraits and Products. You can leave it to us to bring out the best in your images from shooting to print. Our specialty is in 360º Panorama Photography which is widely used by Hotels and Entertainment outlets to advertise their establishment, Or property agents who want to enhance their property listing.

Specialists in Product photography covering the following:

  • Small and detailed like Jewellery
  • Food and Beverage
  • Blog and Online Shop Products
  • Large items like vehicles or Houses (Property)


Professional photographers available to handle events and functions such as:

  • Birthday Parties
  • Company D&D
  • Grand Openings
  • Product launches
  • from a children’s birthday party to a company dinner and dance.

360° Panorama Photography involves taking a series of photographs from every angle and stitching them all together.

Next is adding some coding to get them to display on your browser.

End result, is a photo which can be rotated 360°, using your mouse.

This gives the viewer the feeling of being in any given location, without being there.

They can get a 360° view of any place just with  their web browser. Good way to showcase your property.

Product Photography Pricing

  • On site – SGD100/hour. Minimum 3 hours
  • Off site You send the products to us – SGD100/hour. Minimum 1 hour.

Onsite means we go down to your place. Off site means you bring the products to our studio and take them back. We also provide transportation to collect the items, photograph them and send them back at $50 for a 2-way trip.

Event Photography Pricing

SGD100/hour. Minimum 3 hours We do Birthdays, Parties, Company Events and Functions. No Weddings.


We also do Video shooting, story telling and editing. Rates vary by the project. Contact us for a discussion.

360° Panorama Photography Pricing

  • Up to 3 Panos in one location costs $350
  • Subsequent Panos in the same location costs SGD100 per pano

Three Panos in the same location can be Hall, Kitchen and Dining Area, in the same house.  Good way to promote properties or hotel rooms. All Panoramas can include clickable hotspots to move from one area to another. All areas are linked together to create a virtual tour from one place to another and can also contain music.

Get in touch with us.

Have any questions or concerns, feel free to send them in through the Contact Form on the right.

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