Our Charges for:

  • Product / Event / Function
    • Minimum $450 for the first 3 hours and $120/hour for subsequent hours
  • 360° Panorama Photography
    • 1st Pano – $480
    • 2nd Pano and more $180 per pano
    • PanoTour (Linking Panos together) – $300


  • Fill in the enquiry form with all the details and we will get back to you within 48 hours, with a quote.
  • If the quote is accepted, we will require a deposit to confirm the appointment.

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Product Photography

Product Photography – From things as small and detailed as Jewelry to large items such as Cars and Trucks. Food photography falls under here as well.

Event / Function / Party Photographer

Event Photography – Birthday parties, Company functions, Graduation events, Concerts..We shoot it all. Special packages for certain school events like Graduation Ceremony. Contact for more details.

360 Panorama Photography

360° Panorama Photography – Click on the images above to get a feel of this. This service is popular among those in the hospitality industry like Hotels, Motels and Guest Houses.