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  1. Out of this world content. Need to brainstorm on this. Pays to go crazy on this. For example if you are selling shoes, you could make one that is edible by making it out of cake and then creating a video on people eating it.
  2. Knowing when to post on different platforms helps. Posting content early in the week gets more shares.
    • Monday – Pinetrest / LinkedIn
    • Tuesday – FaceBook / Twitter
  3. Write articles in point form. This makes it easy to absorb and lets your audience get straight to the point.
  4. Always have at least one image in the article.
  5. Articles with an amusing side will be more acceptable.
  6. Create interesting quizzes or questionnaires. People love to feel that they have a say or their opinion matters.
  7. Re-post the content regularly to refresh it. Some may not act the first time they see it but may respond when they see it again.

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