In this article, we hope to clarify the difference between shared and cloud hosting.

In a Shared Hosting environment,the hosting company allocates a fixed space and controls the services allocated depending on the service level selected and paid for.

Advantage: Fixed cost for fixed services

Disadvantage: If someone the host commits a crime (bad neighbor), the whole server and all the sites it hosts will be affected.

Suitable for: Individuals and Companies which require a web presence just for exposure.

Solution is to either go for VPS or Dedicated Servers or Cloud Hosting.


Cloud Hosting is a twist to shared hosting with the main difference being able to expand your requirements at any time. This is still shared hosting, but on a larger scale, where the hosts link servers across different locations.

Advantage: One site goes down, there is a backup-site on standby.

Disadvantage: Higher monthly cost but some companies are selling shared hosting as cloud.

Suitable for those who need an internet presence at rates lower than VPS or Dedicated Servers.

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