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June 2020
September 23, 2019
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E-Commerce Services is a Singapore registered web design agency. We have been designing websites for more than a decade and are well poised to take advantage of the latest developments in the industry.

Professional Web Design Services Singapore

With a team of designers, we can take your website to the next level with attractive interactive design elements that keep visitors glued to your content.

Web Hosting

We have budget hosting for non critical websites and specialty hosting for function specific websites. For example, with WordPress being a popular tool for web design, but also a resource intensive tool, we have Web Hosting Services catered specifically for it.

Photography Services

We have a team of Professional Photographers in Singapore specializing in product, landscape and portrait photography. Our expertise lies in 360° Virtual Panorama Photography which is useful in showcasing homes for sale or hotels.

CMS Web Design

The latest development which allows professionals to design an immersive and interactive website, which can be updated easily by non technical users.

Knowing the importance of frequent updates, end users are now able to login and edit or update images and content in realtime unlike in the past where they had to engage a designer to do all these. We are able to lock down the layout so that only the content can be updated.

E-Commerce Websites

Complete E-Commerce Web Design Solutions that turn your website into an online store that sells when you sleep.

Payment Integration through PayPal or Stripe
Shipment Configuration with real time shipping rates direct from courier.
Stock Management which keeps track of stock levels and highlights when levels drop below a certain level
Easy to use Interface for both Customer and Administrator

SEO Services

The most impressive and attractive website is useless if it cannot be found on search engines.

Our services in this category are:
Keyword Research - We help you target the correct keywords for the best results
Off Page SEO - We get other sites to link to yours
On Page SEO is done during the design process. Each webpage would be optimised for one to two keywords
Content Writing - We also provide research and article writing services

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