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One-Page Website

This is suitable for personal sites, blogs or a landing page which introduces or creates awareness of a product, service or business. Fastest turnaround with a fully functional website designed within 3 days.

Business Website

Business website offers more options to showcase more about the organization, it’s staff, products / services. This can be expanded to  include Membership sites like registration for students in a school website.

E-Commerce Website

This is a fully optimized website for selling products to consumers. It is a combination of a Business Website with a Shopping Cart.

Web Optimization for all screen sizes.

With more users surfing the web on mobile devices like tablets and phones, having a website that displays properly on all devices is crucial for  your online success. We are one of the few companies that does individual optimization processes and tests, to ensure that your website looks good across all screens sizes from Desktop to Mobile.

Our Design Process.

We design websites using the WordPress platform. Reason for this is because it has SEO capabilities built in. Designing a website with SEO in mind, ensures your site ranks well when a user searches using a Search Engine. Another reason would be in the ease of minor edits by non technical staff. Anyone with login credentials can now make edits directly on the page and update it instantly.


First Meeting
We learn about your business and your goals for creating a website. We listen to your requirements and come up with a plan.
We send in our proposal with the total amount payable. If accepted, we prepare the contract and invoice.
We require a minimum deposit of 35% before any work is done. The balance is payable once the work is completed to your satisfaction.
Project Research
We gather as much info about your business as we can in photos, write-ups, brochures and catalogues.
Live Design
Based on the info gathered, we design your website and host it on our servers using a temporary web address. Only those with this web address would be able to view the site.
Live Modifications
We then make modifications based on your requirements and instructions. Once design is done to your satisfaction, balance is payable before we hand it over over to you.
Web Transfer
We then transfer your website to your own web host. If we are hosting your site, it would be transferred to your own domain name.
Websites designed by us come with “Front-End Editing” functions built in. What this does is it allows non-technical staff to login and make simple website edits on a live site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you work with clients who are not in Singapore?

Yes we can. As long as you have an internet connection and are able to send and receive emails and surf the web using a browser, we can work very well with you.The only service we cannot perform for clients overseas is Photography.

What is the working process like?

We study your requirements and goals. We design and host your website on our servers. Updates are made live according to your requirements. Once complete we transfer to your host or host it on our servers

How long would it take for my website to be ready?

The “One-Page” site has the fastest turnaround  time of within 3 days. The rest can take anywhere between 2 to 4 weeks. Delays are often due to lack of information provided and changes and modification requests. There could be additional charges if delays are excessive.

What Services are covered in the price?

Services provided here are only Web Design works for the Development of your website. Re-design works would be charged at full rate. Hosting and other related  services are covered in “Our Packages”.

Our charges may vary and this depends on the number of modules needed. Modules are tools which add special functions to the site.

Our Web Design Packages already come with the Standard Modules built in. Additional modules are needed if you require specialized functionality for your website.

The price for “One-Page Landing site” is as displayed below and would not change unless additional functions are required.

The price for the “Business” and “E-Commerce” sites are not fixed. Only the starting prices are shown. Final price depends on your requirements.

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