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We Design Simple But Effective Websites! Within Your Budget.

The following is a list of services required for an Online Presence. Essential services are highlighted in Red.

Also referred to as URL. It is your internet web address. It would look something like http://www.your-company.com/

People who want to see your website would have to type this in a web browser.

$15 to $35 every year

This is where we gather as much information about you or your business, in the form of text and photos or company catalogue.

We then dissect the information and lay them out for easy readability on a computer screen.

$400 Upwards

We have a team of in-house media specialists experienced in photography and video production work.

We do event, portrait, product and even 360° Panorama photography. You can view our portfolio here.

After design work is done, all files have to be placed in a server which is connected to the internet.

A user just has to type in your domain name and it will bring up your website stored here.

Prices vary depending on the quality,  infrastructure and level of support, of the web host.

If website speed and uptime is not important, you can go for a cheap shared hosting. If not, be prepared to spend for web hosting speed and reliability.

$5 to $200+ every month

If you intend to sell products online, you would need an E-Commerce Website Design service.

Here visitors would be able to buy your products, choose a shipping method and pay for them online.

$800 upwards

Also referred to SSL Servers, this is required if the website is required to handle sensitive information like credit card details or clients personal information. E-Commerce Websites or sites which require users to register should be secured.

$60 to $350 every year

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. This service preps your website to be indexed by Search Engines, for the correct keywords.

What happens then is when a user searches for a term related to your business, your website appears.

$80 to $280 monthly

By now you have an idea of what is required in order to have an online presence. You also know the various services involved in the process and their estimated costs. With this info at hand, it should be easier to decide on the services you need for your new website.

Select the required services in the form on the right and indicate your budget. We will do our best to work within your budget or advise you on what we can do to stay within your budget.

The purpose of doing this is to offer an entry into cyberspace – no matter how small. From there you can expand and grow with us over time.

We design CMS websites which are mobile friendly.

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