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Free Website Builder gives you the ability design and maintain your own website.

No coding skills needed.

The greatest benefit of designing your own website is,
unlimited edits and up-to-date changes for free!

Free Website Builder

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have a look at how a designed website would look like?

Feel free to browse through our various available themes and select the one most appropriate to your industry.

Your website would look similar to your selected theme. The difference would be in the content which is the photos and information you need to provide.

What exactly would I get here?

You get the following services:

  • Premium WordPress Hosting
  • DIVI Page Builder
  • Divi Themes
Is it difficult to use DIVI Page Builder?

There is a small learning curve, but there are many tutorials available on Youtube. In our opinoin, Overview Of Divi Builder is the best as it starts from the begining and builds up from there.


What if I have difficulties designing the website?

We are alwayd around to assist. If it is a small isuse, we would help you get it fixed at no extra cost.

If it is a major issue, we would advise you on the charges first.

Do you have a website Maintenance Package?

Yes we do, but do you need it if the website was designed by you?

That is the beauty of building up your own website. You do not have to depend on your designer or pay additional charges for updates or changes. Everything is now in your finger tips.

How do we get Email Accounts and a Mailbox?

Mailboxed can be purchased seperately.

$2 mailbox/month

  • Secure POP/IMAP/Webmail
  • Premium anti-spam and anti-virus
  • 25GB Mailboxes
  • Outlook auto-setup
  • Recover deleted email/mailboxes
  • Custom email filtering
  • Free user aliases
  • Chat via Webmail
  • 50MB Attachments

You have the option of adding the number of mailboxes required when you place the order.

Each Mailbox is one email account. For example sales@your-domain is one mail box.

Can I transfer my website to another web host?

This is not possible because the website was designed using the [Divi builder, under our license. You would need to get a licensed copy of Divi Builder before you can move it out of our site. Contact us if you need further info.

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Order Form


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