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Looking for a web hosting service for a new business. Or maybe you have outgrown that free hosting service you have been using all along and finally decided to go forward with your own domain name and server. These are the things you need to look into when sourcing for a new host.

Server Speed

Web surfers are an impatient bunch. We are all web surfers when we go online to search either for more information or to buy something. Nothing turns off an online customer more than a page which takes that extra few seconds to load or is unavailable. Before deciding on a new host, try to get a list of websites currently hosted under them and monitor these sites.

Some hosts offer localized Data Centers for faster access in the country of your choice.

Customer Support

No matter how solid and reliable the infrastructure, systems will go down. At times, downtime could also be due to other factors. Having proper support when you need it is crucial especially if you are hosting websites for others.

Most web hosting companies offer web support through a ticket system. The better ones also offer phone support.


Moving from one web host to another can be as daunting as moving house. It is good to be hosted with a company which can grow as your business grows. Such companies offer services from Cloud Web Hosting to VPS and Dedicated Servers.

Putting a website online can be simple, but it will only be successful if your Web host provides the relationship your small business deserves. Get to know your host and how they can benefit your business before locking down a partnership.