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July 2024
October 7, 2019
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Free Web Hosting started off with some companies offering no frills, free web hosting services, on a sub-domain. Some hosts even had the option where you could register a domain name and point it to their servers. There is no such thing as a free domain name, though some hosts do offer a free domain name if you sign up with a paid hosting service. So you either pay for hosting or domain name.

Running a web hosting business involves high startup costs for purchasing hardware and recurring costs to employ service staff and also to pay for network connection. So how can a company survive if it offers its services for free! Especially for services that cost them money on a regular basis.

In order to cover their costs while offering Free Web Hosting, web hosts may:

  1. Show advertisements on your websites hosted with them
  2. Nickel and dime you for other services
  3. Offer zero support service

Other things you may encounter on a free web host would be

  1. Slow server speeds and load times because your site is one among thousands of others hosted on the same server
  2. Only FTP connection to upload your files
  3. Have No Control Panel
  4. Offer No Email services
  5. Offer unlimited space but limit the number of nodes (files)

Who is Free Web Hosting good for?

Free Web Hosting is useful if you want to get a feel of having your own website. Good for those starting off with a personal website with some information and images.

So if your mind is made up and you want to get a Free Web Host, 000WebHosting is the way to go. 000webhost is a great way to start something amazing. It gives you the chance to reach every corner of the internet without paying a single dime for hosting! More than ten years of constant improvements and updates has allowed us to create something truly outstanding and user-focused.

Main Features of this Free Web Hosting Offer

Instant Account Activation

All 000webhost accounts are activated instantly. Start working on your project as soon as you register! Whether it’s a WordPress blog you’re aiming at, or a simple HTML website, all the possibilities are within your fingertips.

instant activation
custom control panel

Custom Control Panel

To provide you the most comfortable environment, we’ve developed a custom control panel with all the crucial tools in a single place. From one-click WordPress installer, to free domain parking, you’ll find every tool to take a strong stand and build your online presence.

99% Uptime and Blazing Speed

Set up once and stay up forever! 000webhost has a dedicated admin team who ensure that everything runs at full throttle. A stunning 99% uptime means your website will be up and running no matter the circumstances. Our servers are optimized to process requests at a lowest possible timeframe while staying conservative on resource usage. This allows us to reach blazing fast servers speeds!

000webhost uptime
Free Web Host Offer

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