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January 2021
October 10, 2019
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Whether you want to shoot beautiful holiday photos, start a career or shoot surreal photographs, we have a course designed to meet your requirements. Best part of it all is that it is done online in the comfort of your home. Benefit of learning online is you can go through the course at your own pace. You also can review past lessons as many times as you want. Only thing needed from you is the discipline to learn, then go out and practice what you learned.

Listed below are the courses we offer.

Photography For Beginners

If you are totally new to photography and always shooting in Auto mode, this is the course you need. This is a comprehensive course which takes you from beginner to expert in photography.

  • Learn how to take breath taking photos with any camera
  • Master the Exposure Triangle (ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture)
  • Learn the different composition rules for dynamic photography
  • Understand the effects of light on photos and know how to adjust the settings for the optimum photograph
Photography for Beginners – Photography Courses Online 1

All this and more would be covered in Photography Master Class.

Photography for Beginners – Photography Courses Online 2

Creative Photography

Once you have mastered the art of photography and are comfortable with shooting in manual mode, you can move onto learning how to create artistic images just by mastering different tricks.

Learn the tricks professionals use to make hundreds from their photographs.

Now that you have got skills, it is time to make money from them, in your spare time. Sounds good! Read On!

Sell Your Photos Online

You are now a professional photographer with the ability to not only take stunning images, but also shoot unrealistic photos. Such skills are in demand and businesses are willing to pay for such images. We show you what to shoot and where to sell. When you sell online, an image can be re-sold many times over.

Photography for Beginners – Photography Courses Online 3

Depending on the quality and technicality, images can fetch from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars each.

Full Range Of Online Photo / Video Courses

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