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July 2024
December 21, 2018
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The Advantages of VPS Hosting

A VPS (virtual private server) means that your VPS package will not be affected by other activities. No matter what others are doing on a server, you are unaffected. You will be able to install whatever applications you need. VPS also provides you with guaranteed resources. Your RAM, CPU, HDD, and Bandwidth of your VPS package will always be available for your requirements. Besides, you can enjoy every feature and function of a dedicated server at a lower extra cost.

Understanding a KVM VPS

KVM is abbreviated as Kernel-based Virtual Machine. It is a virtual private server, designed to be on the top of a physical server. All the resources are dedicated to the KVM VPS. They are not and cannot be shared with other users on the physical device. KVM VPS hosting is known for its utmost reliability and excellent performance.

Difference between KVM and OpenVZ

As mentioned above, a KVM is a complete virtualization solution where the VPS operates its own server of the host node without being influenced by any external forces. OpenVZ, is a type of virtualization which is based on the container. It relies on the host node’s kernel.

OpenVZ VPS Hosting Sale

Our cheap OpenVZ VPS hosting are intended for regular customers who need to manage their own hosting server but are not yet prepared to switch to a dedicated hosting solution due to the high maintenance costs. Because of the new virtualization technology, our Virtual Server bring you generous amounts of RAM memory, CPU and network resources
With a VPS hosting package at your disposal you gain full root-level access to the server. You can setup any script available. Each VPS server is fully separated from other user account, so that any issues with their actions represent no risk at all to its smooth performance.

Price Starting from USD15 per month

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