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January 2021
November 21, 2019
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Large companies or well known brands have the financial muscle to blow on advertising and marketing campaigns in order to capture a huge market share. Small business companies without deep pockets are usually left with walk in customers from the neighborhood. This was true until the internet came into existence and Web Designing companies offering web design services came into play.   

Benefits of having a website

It’s a no brainer that if a small business wants to go beyond its boundaries and reach out to new and untapped market without spending too much, they must have a Business Website. Another benefit of having a company website is the ability of updating it at a moment’s notice and having that information reach customers faster than tomorrows newspaper. This can be done through push notifications with customers signing up to receive newsletters.

Choosing the right Web Design Company

There are many web design firms out there and even some freelance web designers offering web design services. How do you choose the correct one?

For starters, it is never a good idea to get your website designed by some freelancer. Reason is because sooner or later you might want to have some changes done and if that freelances is nowhere to be found, it could mean having to redesign the whole website again.

Beyond Web Design

Most web designing companies just design your website and end it there. A good web designing company will also offer web hosting, domain name registration and web maintenance programs. The more established companies may even offer website promotion and marketing (SEO/SEM Services).

Choosing the right Web Design Company

We have had many coming to us wondering why their beautifully designed website was not bringing in new business even after many years. Reason is because if no online promotion or marketing is done, the only people visiting the website would be the company staff and their immediate family members. Oh! And also those who you many have given your business card to.

Web Design Process

Before engaging the services of a of a web design company, it is good to have an idea of what you want or expect from your website. A good way to do this would be to have a look at your competitor’s website. From there you can decide on the features you would like to have on your own site.


It is good if you can look through at least 3 or more of your competitors websites. Doing this would also give you a rough idea of the type of content you would like to be displayed online and get them prepared. Content here refers to articles or write-ups on your products and services, together with photographs. Having this information ready can help speed up the web design process. We have an on boarding form that new clients fill up. With this information, we have a better idea of the client’s requirements and goals.

Web Design Services for Small Business 1

The Budget

Pricing for Web Design Services can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars for an entire website. Costs are usually relative to the level of service and features required.

A normal one page site with just images and text might cost below two hundred. A responsive website (one where the elements in the page are able to adjust dynamically to the screen size), would cost more.

Websites that sell goods online, need special programs to tabulate total costs, add shipping charges and have the ability to accept payments all online, generally can cost more than a thousand.

Recurring Costs

Apart from Web Design Services, there are other miscellaneous services required in order to have a website up and running. Web Designing is usually a one-time charge. But charges for other services like Web hosting, domain name, maintenance and promotion is always recurring.


  1. Better to have one firm that can handle all aspects of Web Design Services rather than going to different companies for the various services. One obvious reason is that an all round company can design your website with SEO principles in mind. This is killing two birds with one stone. If you had your website designed by one company and SEO by another, the other company would have to edit your web pages in order to do on-page SEO work. This is double work and obviously at double the cost.
  2. Have a good idea on the purpose of your website. Is it going to be a place where customers can know more about your company, or one where they can shop online or schedule appointments or registrations? Look around at your competitors websites to gain some idea on the features you like on your own.
  3. Have all the key information at hand. We provide an on boarding questionnaire to guide you through the important information we need.

Check out our Web Design Services for Small Business if you want a website that goes beyond just looking good.

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