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Practical Features Of Our Web Design Services

CMS Platform

We use WordPress CMS to design and build all our  websites. Reason for this is because it is proven to be a stable platform which keeps updated to the latest technology.

Mobile Friendly

Mobile friendly or multi platform compatible refers to how the website appears across screens of various sizes. This feature is importane not only because you attract a wider audience but also because Search engines place a huge emphasis on this when ranking.

Excellent Aesthetics

First impressions count and that even applies to web design. A bad design or layout will leave the visitor feeling lost and confused. Good design with choice of colours is pleasing to the eyes. Good layout will guide the visitor through the sections and pages systematically.

SEO Ready

By combining Search Engine Optimization in the design process, we get a web page which is highly optimized for one or two keywords. This is a very powerful concept in Web Designing as these pages get categorized correctly by Search Engines right from the start.

Web Design Portfolio

Pricing Guideline for E-Commerce Services

Getting a website designed for your business and for it to be accessible over the internet (Online Presence) requires a number of services and some are essential. The following is a list of services (together with average pricing), required for an Online Presence. Essential services are highlighted in Red.

Domain Name
Website Design
Web Hosting
Secure Servers
SEO Services
Website Maintenance
Domain Name

Also referred to as Uniform Resource Locator (URL). It is your internet web address. It would look something like  People who want to visit your website would have to type this in a web browser. A Domain Name is similar to a Registered Business Name for your company. One is a name for your offline business and the other is for your online business. More details on our Domain Name Services.

US$15 to US$35 every year
Web Design Services -

This is where we gather as much information about your company or business, in the form of text and photos or company catalogue. We then dissect the information and lay them out for easy readability on a computer screen. Websites would be designed using WordPress CMS with custom designed templates.

Price range for Web Design Services can vary depending on the requirements and the type of website.

Normal websites
are just like an online brochure. It just has information about your company, its products/services etc..
Normal Website start from S$1500 Upwards

E-Commerce Websites
allow visitors to shop online. Good for business who want to sell their products online like a clothing store.
E-Commerce Websites start from S$2500 Upwards

Membership Websites
allow users to register and access private content. Good for Membership clubs, Course registration, etc..
Membership Websites start from S$2500 Upwards

Photography -

We have a team of in-house media specialists experienced in photography and video production work. We do event, portrait, product and even 360° Panorama photography. Great for those without brochures or portfolio. More details on our Photography Services.

Pricing for Photography Starts at S$100 per hour
Web Hosting -

Web hosting is a service that allows organizations and individuals to post a website or web page onto the Internet. A web host, or web hosting service provider, is a business that provides the technologies and services needed for the website or webpage to be viewed in the Internet. Prices for Web Hosting can vary depending on the quality,  infrastructure and level of support, of the web host.

Price range depends on the type of hosting. This is somewhat similar to real estate.
Shared Hosting (Public Housing) is the cheapest.
VPS Hosting (Private Apartments) are one level higher. 
Dedicated Hosting (Bungalows) are the most expensive.

Price Range from

US$5 to US$250+ every month
Secure Servers -

A secure hosting means that your website will have an SSL certificate and your visitors will access your website using HTTPS which stands for (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) and it will encrypt all communication between your browser and website. An SSL certificate will make your website more secure.

This is required if the website is required to handle sensitive information like credit card details or clients personal information. E-Commerce Websites or sites which require users to register should be secured. More info on SSL Services.

US$35 to US$250 every year
SEO Services -

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. This service prepares your website to be indexed by Search Engines, for the correct keywords. People use keywords to search for your products and services. If your website is indexed correctly, it will appear to these people.

SEO is important if you want to be found when people search for your products or services on an International level (Online). Trying to compete online is a different ball game altogether. Reason is because the competition has increased from neighborhood level to worldwide.

We offer a range of services to increase your website's authority. Details can be found at Search Engine Optimization

US$80 to US$680 monthly
Website Maintenance

Suitable for those who have no time or experience to handle technical issues with their website or server. 24/7 support by phone and email when you need it most.

Our Maintenance program covers the following services: 

  • Content and Image updates (only for websites designed by us)
    (Max 8 hours a month) - Normal hourly rats is $50 / hour
  • Control Panel Work which covers
    • Setting up, Updating  and Deleting of
      • Email accounts
      • Database
      • Softwares
  • Regular Website Backups
  • Regular updates of software to ensure website stays secure
  • Securing the server against hacks and other threats
S$200 monthly

Pricing given is just a guideline.

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