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What are Domain Names and why we need them.

Domain names can be considered as an Internet Address. Just like real addresses, it is unique for each individual or business. Having a domain name with keywords in it, does play a part in promoting your business online.

Having an easy to remember domain name makes it easier to promote your online business. The key to a good domain name is something short, and easy to remember.

Domain Names are human readable names like ““, pointing to a website, and in this case! this website. Domain names are further divided into Top Level Domain Names which is the ‘.net‘! or the last part of the domain name. You can only modify the “hosting-server” part. Anything before or after that is fixed.

We provide various ways you can create that easy-to-remember and catchy domain name.

Domain Name Market Place

Researching or brainstorming for a domain name can lead to frustration when the name you want is already taken. You can then choose to purchase a TLD or country specific one Or! try searching for it in the Domain name Marketplace. A place to Buy and Sell Domain Names.

Personalised Domain name

Personalize your Domain Name by selecting specific top level domain names like .host, .company etc to get that added advantage to rank well in Search Engines. But ultimately, content is still king when it comes to relevancy for the keywords.

Domain Name Protection

When you register for a Domain Name, you need to provide accurate contact details about you and your business. This is required by ICANN regulations. The problem with this is that this information is displayed publicly over the internet and if it lands in the wrong hands! it could lead to data theft or hacking.

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